Ghostys have come out to play. This time on the Ethereum Blockchain. NFT collection of 8888 Ghostys collectibles, breeding game, unique traits, staking and rarity checker, a custom off chain algorithm minting unique Ghostys whilst keeping gas fees low.


Mint an Invisible Ghosty get Whitelisted for Invisible Dudes plus entry into free Invisible Dudes raffle, that’s right everyone who mints a Ghosty will be automatically WL for the Invisible Dudes drop in April.

Ghostys have negotiated and agreed to collab deal with Invisible Media Group for their upcoming NFT Metaverse project. launching soon the project will include a limited number of Invisible Dudes that will later be converted into Avatars to be used in the Metaverse.

Mint a Ghosty and you are automatically whitelisted and enter a raffle to win one of five Invisible Dudes.

How to enter:

Follow Invisible Dudes Twitter and RT their pinned tweet. Do that now!

Mint a Ghosty
Our smart contract will record your address, Invisible Media Group will add you to WL of Invisible Dudes and send tweets when added.

Core of the Ghostys genetic metadata is built with hidden breeding traits along with visual traits. When Ghostys breed their hidden traits will active unique visual traits.

Visual Traits & Hidden Traits

Visual Traits

Left Side
Right Side
Ghost Shape

Hidden Traits

Rare Hidden 

Invisible Ghostys

Simplified example of a Invisible Ghosty genetic metadata build up.

Background: Red
Floor: Blue Rug
Left-side Item: Ice-cream
Right-side Item: Corn
Headwear: Captain Cap
Expression: Red Eyes
Level: Spook
Hidden: H6
Rare Hidden: R4
Special: SP8
Secret: S9
Generation: Gen 1
Breeding Status: Virgin
14 Categories with 149 traits in Gen 1

Invisible Ghostys

Special Edition Gen 2 Ghostys
1,111 Airdrop to holders of Ghostys Gen 1

1111 Generation 2 Ghostys will be Airdropped to holders of the Gen 1 Ghosty.

Gen 2 Ghostys will have different visual traits, also contain hidden traits which become activated with breeding.

The Airdrop of Gen 2 Ghostys will give a more unique Gen 3 Ghostys when the breeding with Gen 1 Ghosty.


With a touch of spirit magic, breeding is equal parts simple and complex, all done off-chain with our custom cloud-based algorithms to reduce gas fees.

Here is the magic explained when breeding Gen 1 with Gen 2 Ghostys to breed a Gen 3:

  • Step 1: All the traits from the first parent Gen 1 Ghosty are collected from metadata
  • Step 2: All the traits from second parent Gen 2 Ghosty are collected from metadata
  • Step 3. The hidden and visual traits are compared for commonality.
  • Step 4. A weight is given to each one of the traits.
  • Step 5. Some of the visual and hidden traits with high weights are passed on to the new Ghosty.
  • Step 6. A trait library of 150 visual traits and ghosts exclusively for Gen 3 will be used to complete the visual traits.
  • Step 7. All visual and hidden traits are gathered in the off-chain Ghosty Lab, then checked against all other Ghostys in existence for uniqueness.
  • Step 8. New Ghosty is minted using an extremely light and efficient Smart Contract. Performing these algorithm checks off-chain reduces gas fees and guarantees uniqueness in every breed.
Invisible Ghosty Gen 1
Gen 1 Ghosty
Invisible Ghosty Gen 2
Gen 2 Ghosty
Invisible Ghosty Lab
Ghosty Lab
Invisible Ghosty Gen 3
Gen 3 Ghosty

Trade your new Ghosty or use for breeding.

it’s your choice to Breed unique Ghostys and Trade them on Opensea and Rarible

Highly efficient light weight Smart Contract, a combination of cloud computing and off chain algorithms ensure gas fees are low.

Hold your NFT for extending time period and earn benefits like breed credits or airdrops of latest generation Ghostys. Staking will be an option in the game where you put your Ghosty to sleep for a set amount of time. The longer Ghosty sleeps the more you get.


Ghostys Roadmap 1
NFT Drop

Ghostys Gen 1
8888 items
Public Price 0.03 Eth

Ghostys Roadmap 2
Air Drop (FREE)

Gen 2 Ghostys
1111 items
Random selection of holders
Discord competition winners
Twitter Meme winners
One week before Breeding Game

Ghostys Roadmap 3
Breeding Game & Staking

Breeding any combination:
Gen 1 + Gen 1 = Gen 2
Gen 1 + Gen 2 = Gen 3
Gen 2 + Gen 3 = Gen 4
Gen 3 + Gen 1 = Gen 3
Gen 3 + Gen 3 = Gen 4
…Gen 5, Gen 6 etc.

Ghostys Roadmap 4
Ghosty Token

ERC20 Token to reduces gas fees further and provide trading platform for Ghostys Breeding game.


Public Mint is 0.03 Ethereum. Increasing to 0.08 soon after drop.

All the processing is done off chain, this results in a very light and efficient smart contract. The smaller the smart contract the less gas is needed to process each transaction.

Each breed will cost 0.01 Ethereum plus small amount of gas.

March 9th, 2022, a countdown timer will be on the site.

Most people will breed to generate rare and super-rare Ghostys then sell them on marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible. Some will breed to make a unique Ghosty for themselves.

Discord is best but you can always email us:

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